In the Air: Good and Bad

We left for Utah this morning via JFK and JetBlue. First thought is flying has simply become humiliating. We learned to live with long lines at check in and shoe removal at security, but we’ve crossed the line. At JFK, we spent 36 on bagels, coffee, water, two sandwiches (for later) and chips. Not like there’s much choice — no outside water allowed and now no free water on board. Once on the plane we were greeted by dirty seats and a sweltering cabin. The air didn’t start flowing until they closed the cabin (yet another fuel/ cost saving measure I presume). A complete mess.

But, here’s the flip side of our new world of air travel. Sitting in seat 20D somewhere over Ohio I have a live view of multiple Olympic events in Beijing. Thanks to JetBlue’s satellite feed I’ve already watched Roger Federer’s gold medal doubles match, wrestling and soccer. In about an hour I’ll tune in for the live broadcast of the U.S.-Spain basketball game. Not a bad way to spend a cross-country flight.

(Next up for the airlines: wi-fi. Would have been cool to post this in real time.)

*Update: apparently JetBlue hasn’t gone the charge-for-water route…yet. Thanks Blue.

*Update2: JetBlue even offers snacks still. Nothing like a little snack mix at 9:45 a.m.

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