Bye Bye Boredom

The world has certainly seen enough iPhone reviews in the two weeks since the new version’s release. Here’s another one of sorts. But I’m writing with a slightly different idea after having something of an epiphany today: boredom has gone extinct.

Now that the iPhone travels wherever I do (I’m writing from the bandshell in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park waiting for a free concert to start — see photo), I’m not sure I’ll ever again feel the need to kill time while I wait for a tardy friend or a slow 4/5 subway train.

The iPhone is a marvel of technology for sure but it’s the simple (and free) apps that make the biggest difference. Even without the fancy new 3G data connection I’m more than occupied. Check out Instapaper, for instance. Sad to say I’m not sure I’ll ever need to carry around a magazine again. Or the WordPress app that lets me do this post on the go.

I think everyone I know is probably tired of my iPhone praises. I just can’t stop thinking how Apple might be changing our lives.

Gotta go. Concert starts.

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